Providing women with beauty solutions so that they can look and feel their best.


S.McKoi Beauty’s mission is to inspire women everywhere to always embrace their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty.  S. McKoi IS:

         The Artistry of~ customization unique to a women’s features and various skin tones.  The artistry is applied by hand or airbrushing techniques to deliver a flawless finish for a natural radiant look.

         The Health of~ proper skincare education, and information, that is essential to the health of your face. Help in developing skincare routines that are best suited to your skin type.  Sharing knowledge on how to best slow down the visible signs of aging, through consistent skincare regimens and facial spa visits.

         The Power of~ Your beauty, is from within!  Embrace your life emotionally, spiritually, and physically, through inner peace and balance, and your Beauty power will shine through to the world.




Every woman deserves to look her best. Whether you’re a bride getting ready for her wedding or want to steal the stage at prom, our makeup services offer exactly what you need. More info


Relax with the professional’s touch at S. McKoi Beauty. We offer facials, eye treatments, back treatments, and more. More info


You don’t even have to pick up your phone to set up an appointment. Schedule your beauty treatment on our site, and you’ll look great in no time at all. More info
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