Meet Stacey

“A great writer Oscar Wilde once said, “To love one’s self is the beginning of a life-long romance.”  This is a motto I have come to cultivate. My ambition is to inspire women everywhere to always embrace their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty.

Hello, I’m Stacey McCoy, the owner, CEO of S.McKoi Beauty. I’m a Beauty Specialist, who provides beauty solutions to Brides, and Professional Women, so they can embrace their beauty for that special day and days to comes.

My background is in the fashion industry, from retail to design, and Makeup for over 10+ years. I also hold an Esthetic license for 4+ years.

I got started doing makeup when my best friend got married, and she asked me to do her makeup. I did her makeup and noticed how radiant she looked. It was at that moment when I realized the power of the artistry of making someone feel beautiful. I began to train and develop, so that I could polish my skills that would help all women feel radiantly beautiful, not only for that special day but for their lifetime.

I really enjoy learning all beauty techniques, not just limited to my makeup artistry. I can be found at a flower show or taking in the beauty of my plants and flower garden. To me BEAUTY is in everything. My special power is that I make ALL things Beautiful.

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